On day two we went to visit James Monroe’s house, which I actually forgot to take pictures of, whoops!

 I love this type of wildflower garden!

I went to my first wine tasting which was fun!

I never pass up the chance to pose with TJ!

We also checked out a couple breweries while we were there, it was a fun little trip!

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  1. The James Monroe statue is pretty neat! I was reading in my Art History book about how some people of high stature would request an artist or sculptor to make them appear younger or more angelic than they actually were. This could or could not be the case here, but I just thought it was interesting. It's the longest lasting facelift ever! hah!

  2. Huh that is really interesting! Yeah I guess if someone was gonna carve me in stone I'd want it to look as good as possible, haha. It's not like a picture that you can just delete!

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