Last month my Aunt and Grandma came for a visit and we took a little trip to Virginia to see Thomas Jefferson’s house, Monticello. The name is Italian for “Little Mountain” because the house sits on top of a large hill, overlooking the beautiful mountains.

We saw an Amish crossing sign on the way up! Sadly we didn’t actually see any Amish people..

Posing with TJ!

Man he had such a cool veggie garden…

I’d been here once before when I was five. My only memories are running around this pond like a maniac and falling out of this tree.

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  1. Nice post, Dearie! What a fun vacation! So many great photos & good memories. Love that photo with the pond's reflection of Monticello in the water. Funny, I've been looking at these photos so much working on my trip scrapbook & journal. I meant to ask you the significance of the photo with the big beautiful tree. We should watch those old videos of you as a little kid some day…
    But who has a VCR anymore?
    Xo ~mum

  2. oh what a beautiful place and gorgeous photos. i love the reflection one. i also had to chuckle because it makes sense that you'd love the veggie garden and then how you ended it with the tree picture. 😀

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