I tried to get a good Christmas photo of all three cats, but it didn’t work out too well this time around, they were just too turnt up by all the fun decorations. But I did end up getting a few cute shots of each one.  Enjoy!

Chester loved the candy canes!

This is Cloud’s snooty face.
Jeeves is a tough guy to take pictures of, he hates posing!

I had to sing in a deep scary voice to get him to look at me.

He was not impressed!

Cloud lets me know when she’s done with the photo shoot.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!  

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  1. Christmas kitty pictures are the gift that keeps on giving. 🙂 Seriously, these are adorable, you have the cutest kitties and they are such the little photo hams! Merry Christmas, I hope you (and your cute kitties) had a really fun and awesome one!

  2. So many festive fun pics of my grand baby kitties! I Love all your decorations, crisp, beautiful photos and the Bokeh effects. That tree topper looks cool where you put it on the mantel. You really got some great shots, especially the last two.
    Wink, wink!
    Xo ♥ mom

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