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March Recap

I am a little behind on posting my March recap post, because I have had a very busy week. The beginning of the week I had to study for a test and write a paper,  then I had to go on my first ever business trip to the CDC in Atlanta! At first I dreaded going because I was going to have to spend a night away from home. So to keep myself busy I had planned on working on my blog all evening and scheduling a whole bunch of posts. However my coworkers and I ended up staying out late at an oyster bar and I actually had fun!  So, I didn’t get to work on all my blog posts, but that’s okay!

I didn’t take a lot of pictures this month because my camera is messed up. :'(  I hit the lens walking in the door and now it’s giving me an error. I can only use it on manual mode and only in very bright light. I need to send it in to Nikon to see if they can fix it, but I’ve been putting it off.  

Anyway, here are some highlights of the month!

We built our veggie garden fence! Now I just need it to stay warm so I can plant my vegetables.

We visited Pittsburgh….
…To see the Frank Lloyd Wright house, Falling water!

I got some neat souvenirs

 And started a new obsession!

Cloud missed me so much she sat on my head.

And me and my mom found some bamboo to make garden trellises out of!

March ended up being a lot colder than I expected. We got a pretty big ice storm and I think it also snowed again. So I didn’t get to do as many outdoor activities as I had hoped, but it was still a pretty good month.  April should be even better, I’ve never wanted hot weather so badly before!