Last fall on our trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains in search of a waterfall, we first stopped and checked out the town of Little Switzerland, named because the huge sweeping mountains reminded the first settlers of the Swiss Alps. We stopped here once a few years ago to get lunch and just loved what a cute little town it was, so we were excited to come back. 
This area is known for one of the curviest mountain roads in the state: the Diamondback! Although I kept getting confused and wanting to call it the Devil’s Tailbone for some crazy reason. We took a loop around the Diamondback and it was a lot of fun, but scary to go around a tight curve and then find yourself just couple feet from a 1000 foot drop off the edge of the mountain!
This time we discovered a new shop we didn’t visit on our first trip, and it was the cutest little café and book store.
The store was guarded by this little pup!
I loved this place instantly when I walked in and saw the walls were completely covered with all the books you can imagine.
It was tough to decide what kind of treat to get, but we went with this coconut chocolate bar, and ate it on the front porch while we dreamed about what kinds of cool books we might find inside.
I just loved all the dark nooks and crannies, stuffed to the ceiling with books. The house just seemed to keep on going and going. Each corner led to a new little roomed filled with more dusty pages, waiting to be flipped though. It seemed like the kind of place you could get lost in for hours. But a good kind of lost. 
We climbed the stairs and found ourselves suddenly in a sunny little art gallery.
Then we headed down the stairs to the basement..
Where we were greeted with mannequin parts and  a cool reservoir to catch mountain water. I’m not sure we were meant to go down there.

It really was such a neat little store and I’m glad we found it. Little Switzerland is definitely worth checking out if you ever find yourself in the area!

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  1. You had me at “bookstore” 😀

    Seriously though, that's something I (we) always brake for, too. I'm an epic bookworm and can easily spend hours in a shop like this. That adorable (err, fierce and scary :D) guard dog just makes it all the more appealing. 🙂

    Big hugs & happy tail end of February wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Wow, this truely is a place I would love to visit! Can you take me tere :)? I love those kind of places where you can sit and drink coffee while looking through some intersting books. Its my favorite thing to do actually- drink coffee and skim books 😉
    Thanks a lot for your last comment : )

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