Lighthouses are eerie, especially at night.

It’s strange to imagine, that years ago, back before all the vacation homes, before all the shopping centers, back when hardly anyone lived on the island, it was somebody’s lonely job, to keep the lighthouse lit every night.  

It’s so lonely out here. Nothing but the sound of crickets, frogs and the distant crash of waves. Everything is pitch dark, except the eerie flash of the light.

On our visit here two years ago, we were driving around at night, and wondered if it was possible to drive up to the lighthouse at night, and it was, the gates apparently stay open!  Nobody was around and it was so dark and creepy. I wanted to take photos so bad, but I couldn’t figure out how to use my camera properly. 

It was so fun visiting the lighthouse at night. We knew we had to do it again when we were here last month, and I have since figured out how to use my camera so I finally got my night lighthouse shots.

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  1. I adore all things eeire and your photos definitely exude this feeling, I love them. It must have been so wonderful to take in the atmosphere of this setting. Glad you went back to take pictures!

  2. Cool photos! It has never occurred to me to explore around the beach & lighthouses at night. Far too dark & creepy for me although i do enjoy stargazing from a nice safe deck. I'm always amazed & a little bewildered by just how dark it gets away from the lights of the city

  3. Ooo wonderful photographs! I can't imagine how life would have been as a lighthouse keeper back in the day, especially on dark and stormy nights.

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