I have been wanting my own lemon tree for a while now, but anytime I see one for sale they’re either too expensive or not the kind of lemon I want.

So I decided to grow my own from seeds!
I bought a lemon at food lion. Online guides suggest buying an organic lemon because otherwise it might have a spray on it to stop it from sprouting. However, food lion is a lot closer than Trader Joe’s and my car didn’t have air conditioning at the time so I thought I’d give food lion lemons a try first.
I cut the lemon up and removed all the little seeds. You’re supposed to remove all the pulp from the seeds so they don’t mold, which was really hard! Those darn seeds are so slippery and I definitely lost a couple down the sink. After I finally got all the pulp off I soaked them overnight to help with germination.
The next day I planted each seed in a tiny pot with some nice potting soil, then I put them on a warm sunny windowsill and waited..

I waited and waited..

I waited for four weeks…

And then I decided that my lemon had been too covered in pesticide to sprout and should have braved the heat and made the long hot trip to Trader Joe’s.

But suddenly! Sprout!!!  I was so excited! And sure enough, they all started to pop up, one by one.
It has been about a month and a half and six out of eight sprouted. I was not expecting that many to work out. They’re so cute!
I have no idea what I’m going to do with six lemon trees, but that’s a problem I don’t mind having. I read it can take about four years for them to start making fruit. I can’t wait!

Now I kind of want to sprout some orange trees, and maybe some lime trees while I’m at it.. I think I need a greenhouse.

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  1. That's so cool, I love planting seeds that have been picked out of actual fruits, it somehow feels more rewarding than just buying a pack of seeds. My mum has a lemon tree that she bought, it takes about a year for each lemon to grow and ripen which feels like ages but it's well worth the wait!

  2. Okay this is so cool. You must update how this works out! I have several fruit trees that I'm going to miss when I move.. I'm so spoiled by my lemon tree!

  3. Yey! I've tried growing lemon plants from seeds before it's such fun, especially as they start to sprout just as you're about to give up on. I started growing two last year, but my house wasn't warm enough over the winter, nor did it get enough sun to keep them alive. I should probably try again seeing it's so easy!

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