I seem to have taken another inadvertent break from my blog over the past few weeks. Here is a little bit of what has been keeping me busy!


We have been hard at work remodeling the cat’s bedroom; turning it into a laundry room/office/cat fun room. I can’t wait to set up and organize my new desk.


My veggies have sprouted and are growing fast. They’ll be in the ground before long!


I went back to New York with my best friend and my new camera.  We walked 36 miles in three days and I took 998 pictures.


My latest project is this temperature blanket. Every day I crochet one row that represents the day’s high temperature.

Stay turned! I can’t wait to share more pictures of everything I have been up to!

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  1. I’m trying to grow a few veggies this year too! It’s so exciting seeing them sprout, they seem to come up out of nowhere all of a sudden. I love the colours you’ve picked for your blanket! I taught myself to crochet last year and it’s amazing how quick it is to do compared to knitting.

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