Wow, I can’t believe the year is already half over! (Six months till Christmas! Eek!) Since the time seems to be flying by I have been trying to enjoy every day as much as I can, but that can be tricky because sometimes I end up wasting the day trying to come up with ways to have fun, instead of enjoying each little moment.

Here are some of the highlights of the month

I had a little graduation party. I got my diploma in the mail finally, so now it’s official! I always thought I would feel this sudden rush of relief and joy when I finally graduated, and I guess I did.. But it mostly feels like it was all just a bad dream and going to school never actually happened. Like when you’re having a nightmare, you’re surrounded by it; it’s all you can feel and you so badly want it to go away, but then once you wake up it quickly fades away and a few hours later you can hardly remember it. That’s how I sum up my experience of going to college. Haha

We went on lots of adventures exploring the city, including…

 Visiting a junkyard for the first time! Party!

Visited my garden almost every evening to see how everything is growing

Planted these neat pumpkins! And.. Whatever the heck a turk’s turban is… 

I started couponing! Every so often Harris Teeter has thing thing called super doubles, where they double any coupon up to four dollars. I spent 64 dollars there on groceries and saved 33 with coupons. It was amazing. As soon as I checked out I wanted to do it all over again. Hahaha. Also Harris Teeter has some amazing pizza for like 2-3 dollars a slice! We may or may not have eaten there three times last week……

We got new porch furniture so it’s nice to sit out there and watch the sunset.

Jeeves had an identity crisis. 

 We watched a documentary about a little dairy farm called Moo Man, and it made Jeeves crazy! He sat in front of the TV watching it, meowed whenever the cows mooed and even climbed behind the TV to try and find them! It was really funny. 

 I also dyed my hair red. I was going to do a blog post about it but whatever was in the stuff I used to lighten my hair, made it so other colors don’t stick to it. It’s been a week and it’s already faded so much!
Overall June was one of my favorite months yet! I am looking forward to July; my Aunt and Grandma are coming to visit and we’re going on a little trip to Monticello.

Hope everyone else had a lovely June as well! 

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  1. i agree, those first pictures make me hungry haha.
    i had a really good june, too. the first whole month of summer is always so spectacular, it's uncomparable.
    these are all great pictures, but that thing with Jeeves made me laugh so hard.

  2. What a hilarious analogy about school being a nightmare ~ Loved it!
    Outstanding photos!!!
    Especially the ones of all the party food. I ♥ looking at all your photos and I want to see all of the ones you took at the grad party.
    Seems like your June was a very good month with lots of laughs, parties and fun adventures!

  3. That hair color is really pretty! I've always wanted to do auburn but somehow it's never worked for me, so I'll be interested in your post about the process. Also, thanks for the reminder that Christmas is only half a year away =D December is by far my favorite month.

  4. PS I need to start couponing! I bought my boyfriend a book of local coupons for his birthday but he hasn't used it at all, so I should give him something else and take it back =P

  5. Thank you so much! My experience with hair color is, it never turns out how you expect, which can be good and bad. Haha. Now I'm excited for December too!

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