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July Recap

I can’t believe it’s already August and the last full month of summer! Time has really flew these past few months.  Here is a look back at some highlights in July:

 For the Fourth of July I baked a pie! I never knew how easy they were to make. We also had some yummy kabobs.

Playing with sparklers.

For my sister’s birthday she had a costume party and dressed as Elsa from Frozen.

And I dressed as a 60s house wife! Check out my mom’s party planning blog for more pictures: makeitspecialpartyplanning
 My aunt and grandma came for a visit and we all went to Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s house. 

Cloud was angry at us for leaving her and wouldn’t let me touch her. She also pigged out while we were gone and got really fat.

We made fried green tomato sandwiches with tomatoes from our garden just like I had been dreaming about! We used pesto havarti cheese and it was so yummy!

 I have been making a lot of jewelry recently, these ones can be found in my shop!

And just last week we visited a dairy farm where I got to pet a day old baby cow and nearly died from cuteness overload.

I am really looking forward to August, we are going to the BEACH.