This year Steven and I decided to have a July Fourth party at our house, since we have been fixing up our backyard. 

We grilled up some hotdogs on our cute little grill.

There’s my little veggie dog on top of all the big meaty dogs..

Me and my friend Alex!

Later that evening we took some mildly creepy sparkler night shots, we were all too hyped up on hot dogs to stand still apparently.
I like how my sister’s  leg is just floating around, doing it’s own thing in this shot..

It was a fun time We definitely should invite people over more often, we’re not the most social people on the planet.. Haha.

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  1. I like the sparkler shots! And I miss being able to host parties… when we were living in NJ we hosted 4th of July two years in a row! I loved it!

  2. We really want to get people over to ours, but we totally lack on outdoor seating and have a hole in the deck which is a bit of an issue haha. Love your grill so cute!

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