It’s gonna be May and I can’t wait!

 April had some good moments but I have a feeling May will be even better, which is mainly because….

 I’m finally done with school!! I haven’t been around much on here because I was studying for the last exam in cell biology and I ended up passing the class with a B. Which is a big deal because this guy is kind of known for failing all of his students! I had already attempted this class once and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to pass.  I still can’t comprehend that I’m done, maybe because I’m half expecting them to call me and say that they messed up and I actually need to take more classes. :0 But I’m sure it will sink in once I get my diploma in the mail!  I am so looking forward to all the free time I’ll have!

Anyway, here are some things I have been up to the past month:

We gardened a LOT.

I got a mixer and have been a baking fool ever since. Stay tuned for plenty of recipes!

We bought a tree!  It’s a Himalayan birch and we’re pretty excited about him.

Started taking the ugly siding off our house and uncovered a city of stinkbugs! Hopefully once it’s gone our stinkbug problem will go away.

At work we had to move out of our lab into one across the street and only had two days to do it! And I have to say, packing up a lab is pretty annoying, because it’s either stupid expensive super fragile glassware, absurdly heavy equipment, or toxic/gross chemicals. But we ordered pizza and it was a nice day out so we had that going for us.

And I also gained an interest in painting my nails with cool patterns. (Although I did this while I was studying so maybe it was just procrastination!)

Hope you all had a lovely April as well!

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  1. happy may! congratulations on being done with school! great for you!
    all of your gardening looks great! i'm really impressed with the colors and layout.
    that painting nails/procrastinating is totally me! looks so cool, i need to try some designs…

  2. ooooh, I really like the photo you took of the slope! Did you take another now that those iris are blooming? Mazel, my darling on the end of school! Now we can plan your graduation party!!!

  3. IT'S GONNA BE MAY! <---- haha, I only just found out about this, and I think it's hilarious that it was turned into a meme. Also, big Congratulations to you! Finishing school is a big achievement and you stuck it through to the end! Woohoo! Also, great job on getting a B in that class! 🙂

  4. I think I saw it last year and it had me quoting that line for weeks, so I couldn't resist posting about it this month! Thanks a lot! It was hard to keep going at times, but I;m glad I did it and it's all over!

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