I have flown on a plane six times in the last half year. Before that the last time I flew was when I was four. I find the whole process of flying absolutely astounding.  (And a bit scary! )


The last plane trip a week ago was to Houston Texas with my Mom, Sister and Husband to visit my Aunt and Grandma. I’d never been to Texas before, or even that far west.

This was my longest plane ride, and also the first time I’ve flown on a clear day. Both times going to New York it was dark and cloudy which made for a boring view out the window. So I was very excited this time, to look down on the earth from way above.


I stared out the window and snapped pictures for the entirety of the 2.5 hour trip. I am amazed to be able to view the earth from this level. I imagined all the towns, and homes we were passing over. Places I may visit one day, but mainly places that I will never see from the ground.


When I got home I compared these pictures to the satellite view on google maps, to try and figure out what I flew over. This ended up being somewhere over Georgia.


Even when we were up at 38,000 ft, I could still just barely see cars on the highways. They looked like specs of dust! It was very surreal.


Another one of my favorite things is seeing other planes in the sky!


I am guessing that’s the Mississippi river..


My first glimpse of Houston!


The plane journey to Texas was by far the best ride yet. Even if I was so freaked during takeoff I couldn’t look out the window while I attempted to record a timelapse. I spent so many years afraid to ever ride in a plane, and it still does scare me, but I also think it’s incredible so I always find myself dreaming of where I will fly to next.

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  1. Thats fun to read that you have been flying so often in the past 6 months and like almost never before! I am curious about your other pictures from Texas! I like long distance flights best because of the food and the movies 😀 the last one was last november when we went on a 12 hours flight to the Phillipines. This year we are going to Ireland which is only like 2 hours or so…
    Sending much love!
    Rosa Larissa Klara
    conscious lifestyle of mine

    1. I am hoping to go on a longer flight in the near future! I have never eaten a meal on a plane, only snacks. I will be posting more Texas photos soon 🙂

  2. Hello! Firstly, thank you for your comment on my blog! It is always lovely to ‘meet’ new bloggers which doesn’t happen to me so much nowadays. Secondly, what great pictures! I confess that I cannot look out the window on a plane- I am rather scared of heights and it makes me feel a bit queasy thus, I always sit in the aisle seat and my husband ogles the view. That said, we don’t fly much as I try to restrict the amount I use planes as I am conscious of my carbon footprint as well as the fact we prefer trains where possible!

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