Last fall I planted 40 crocus and many hyacinth bulbs in the backyard. I love planting  bulbs, how these strange brown onion looking things get plonked deep into the ground where they stay hidden, until springtime prompts them to turn into beautiful flowers. It seems like magic!

The first crocuses to pop up were all yellow and I was pretty disappointed because I bought what was supposed to be a variety pack. But soon enough all kinds of different colors started coming up!

I love the simple little stripes
I was also excited to have so many different colors of hyacinth, but like a dummy I never got around to taking pictures of them.
My favorite were all the cute colors of crocus that popped up around the veggie garden fence
This one was my favorite crocus

I can’t wait to see them all again next year!

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  1. lucky lucky. there's just something so wonderful about the little onion looking things springing up all of the sudden. the best is when a bulb gets dropped or buried accidentally and a flower shoots up randomly in the middle of the yard, haha, lovely shots, Sarah!

  2. Love crocuses, they are so cheerful! I didn't plant any but apparently I inherited about five from the former owner, def need to get some more planted this autumn. And some more daffodils because you can never have too many!

  3. Wow, your photos look incredible! Well done on the shots you did get. I especially like the one of the house with the tree, the 7th photo. It was a good year for crocus. Sometimes they pop up, then it gets super warm and they're gone in a few days. I wonder why the yellow ones seemed to bloom first?

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