Cute, Lucy

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Fourth of July fourteen years ago Lucy showed up on our front porch. She was a tiny kitten covered in fleas. We had to give her three baths!
We had three other cats at the time, but they were all outdoor cats. Lucy was so tiny and cute we decided to keep her inside. I was nine at the time and she was my little buddy! She has an extremely grumpy personalty,  I have plenty of scars on my arms from her attacks over the years, but I still love her!

Sadly there are NO pictures of her as a kitten. There are a few short videos, but they’re on old VHS tapes tucked away somewhere. So here are so silly photos of her over the past few years!
 Her favorite holiday is Christmas. She LOVES just sitting under the tree and enjoying the atmosphere.
 She always sat on this rug in my old bedroom. I called it her magic carpet.

She loved to “help” me study

She’s also a big fan of the bathroom…

This was on her birthday years ago, she went a little nuts with the catnip..