Lately I have been obsessed all the different kinds of foods I can grow myself. I have already started some lemon trees, and next I wanted to try growing my own ginger.

I picked up some ginger at food lion, despite all the articles I read about it needing to be organic, and free of chemicals that stop it from sprouting. My lemons from food lion sprouted okay so I thought maybe the ginger would too. 

I broke the ginger up into three chunks and soaked it overnight, to remove any chemicals.

Then I placed it on some potting soil in a warm location, out of direct sunlight and kept the soil moist but not soaked. 

And I waited!  Weeks passed but I never saw any sprouts, and when I went to investigate, I found that the inside of my ginger had turned into a rotten sludge. As soon as I touched the skin, it deflated like a stinky balloon. Gross!

So I took a trip to Trader Joes and got some nice organic ginger and set it on some new clean soil. I skipped the soaking step since I knew it didn’t have any chemicals on it.

Hardly any time passed before I saw sprouts! It grows really really fast.

After it started getting big, I covered the roots and put them in a prettier pot.

Now my ginger plant is huge and I can’t wait to start harvesting fresh ginger.

Ginger likes to grow in indirect light, so keep it out of the sun. 
Make sure the soil is kept moist.
It is sensitive to frost so keep it indoors in the winter. 

It’s a fun and easy thing to grow, try it!

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  1. Ooo very cool! Kris is trying to grow an avocado plant from a seed/pip. Don't think he knows what he's doing, but we'll see. If I have avocado trees growing on my window sill in 6 months, I'll be impressed.

  2. Ooo I've never thought about growing ginger myself. I use it a lot so it would be super handy to have. I might have to give this a try if I can get my hands on some of the organic stuff.

  3. This is really cool and I can totally relate to what you say about planting your own food. I really want to have a garden and plant my own veggies… its also so much better for the environment and for the world in general 🙂

    Thank you so much for your thoughts on my last post! I know it’s a heavy topic and this is why your comment meant a lot to me!

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