I like to set little goals for myself each year, nothing too crazy, just something fun to think about and work towards. I like taking a step back and thinking about what I have accomplished so far, and things I want to accomplish next, and the new year seems to be a popular time to do that.

I’ll start with a recap of the goals I set at the beginning of 2015, you can check out my original post here if you want.

Exercise at least five times a week
I started off slow with this goal because sitting at a desk all day made me too sore to even think about moving when I got home. The last half of the year I did pretty good, but only averaged about three times a week, and took too many breaks in between to make a lot of progress. So I guess this one was a half fail. Haha.

Put up a privacy fence in the back yard and/or get a new shed

I can’t believe we actually did this! We kind of put off the idea of getting a shed, but one day we came across a really nice one being sold cheap because it was the display model and we snatched it up! You can read about it here. We also put in a privacy fence between our yard and the neighbors. Now I don’t have to worry about anybody looking at me while I’m outside. Yay!

Finally get a washer and dryer hookup

This almost didn’t happened because we aren’t ready to buy new pipes and get a new hookup put in. But then I decided I couldn’t stand it anymore and we bought a washer and dryer to put on the back porch with the existing hookup. Not having to leave the house to do laundry is every bit as luxurious as I thought it would be. Even if it is on the back porch.

Have Etsy shop and blog events

FAIL. Being unhappy at work made me super unmotivated to work on my shop.

Get my film developed and take more film photos

Well… I got one roll developed! And I ended up taking a whole bunch more film photos so I really need to work on the developing part.

I did okay on my goals this past year. I accomplished ones I didn’t think I would, and didn’t accomplish some I thought would be easy.

Now, for 2016…

Learn to develop my own film

I have been taking so many film photos lately, and there are no good places around here to get it developed and it’s expensive to send them to a photo lab. I already have most of the equipment, the next step is to go for it!

Use some of my cameras I’ve never used before
I have quite a few vintage cameras that seem to be in working condition, so I really want to try them out.

Once again.. Exercise at least five times a week

I’ll do it this time around!

Get my hair healthy 

Ug my hair is a mess. Last year I ended up chopping it all off because it was so damaged it was snapping off anyway. I started washing with just baking soda and apple cider vinegar, which helped, but it’s still pretty brittle so I need to come up with a better routine. Advice welcomed.

Be more active with my Etsy shop
I want to get back in the flow of making jewelry a few times a week and updating my shop more often.

Finish learning French
I have been studying french on and off since I was five years old and I think it’s about time I get my act together and reeally learn it. My duolingo app says I am 40% fluent. Lets see if I can get to 90% by next year!

And finally.. Pay off our house!
We bought our house forclosed and at a very low price. We have been throwing all our extra money towards paying down the mortgage and if we keep it up, it could be payed off a year from now!

Well I have some pretty high expectations for 2016!  I have a great feeling about this year ahead and am so excited to see what it has to bring!

What are some of your goals for the new year?

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  1. I have a nice film camera, and I wish I could learn to develop my own film because it would nice to not have to go somewhere every time i need to see my pics!

  2. Got to have goals! “If you aim at nothing you are sure ti hit it” hehe …remember that? I love making lists, I guess cuz it feels productive when you're able to check stuff off and reflect on a job well done. Looks like you got a lot of big stuff done in 2015. Don't be too hard on yourself, my dear. Everyone has stuff they can improve on. Just sort out your priorities & have a another wonderful year xo ♡ mom
    Ps where would up put the darkroom?

  3. I would recommend trying coconut oil for your hair, it does wonders for mine if I decide that I want to bleach the colour out. You can leave it on over night and just shampoo it out in the morning 🙂 I would recommend to get organic, 100% coconut oil too, since you want to put it on your head and then you can use it for a bunch of other things like make up remover, moisturiser etc. I think it's great for hair, I always notice a difference.

    That reminds me, I think I'll put some on tonight 🙂

  4. Tips for your hair: BE GENTLE WITH IT. Don't dye it, don't over wash it, and use natural products. When I was washing with baking soda and vinegar it left my hair really dry (which is what I wanted, because my hair is naturally very greasy). I stopped using those after a year because my hair wasn't responding as well anymore. Now I wash with natural shampoo and conditioner, but I only wash my hair twice a week! I was doing a mask for it once a month for a while – a mix of castor oil and coconut oil. Leave it on your hair for at least an hour (the longer the better; I would wrap a shirt around me head and go about my house work) and then make sure to wash it out completely. Your hair will thank you.

    Re: the exercise goal. Don't be too hard on yourself if you fall lax on this one! Five days is a lot to strive for, but three days is something to be proud of. This year I'm trying to go to 3-4 yoga classes each week, but I'm also not going to beat myself up about it if I only go to 1-2 some weeks. Listen to your body and let it heal when it needs to.

    Can't wait to see what your photography brings this year!

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