I can’t believe its 2014! I know it always takes a while to get used to seeing a new year, but this is the first time I ever remember being truly shocked at the number. Just the other day I noticed that my debit card expires in 2016 and my first though was “Wow that’s a long time from now! I’ll be in my 30’s by then!”  No.. It’s actually two years away…. 😐

 Anyway, I thought that I would do a quick recap of 2013 and come up with a few goals I would like to accomplish in the year 2014. So, without further ado..
2013 was a pretty good year;
I got married. 
I finally started working full time at my job. Now I actually have some idea of what’s going on and I’m not completely lost anymore.
It took months, but we finally finished fixing up our living room and got it just the way we wanted it. ( I’ll share some before and after photos sometime!)
And I finally had some free time since I only took a one credit hour class in the fall!
With my free time I decided I wanted to finally start making resin jewelry and open my own etsy shop! Which is something I had thought about doing for many years.
**My goals for 2014**
FINALLY be done with school! FOREVER. I have one class left to take and I graduate in May, I don’t think I have ever been so fed up and tired of anything in my life. I completely dread going back there in a week. Okay okay, enough ranting
I am really looking forward to having my own vegetable garden, hopefully I will get lots of fresh veggies this year. I am also excited to expand my other gardens that I started last year and to get a tree for our front yard!
I am hoping to really get my etsy shop going and to to keep making lots of neat necklaces and taking lots of photos. 
I want to start fixing up our house some more. Once we got some basic things finished and livable, we kinda got comfortable and slowed down on the renovations. For instance, there are some rooms that never got a second coat of paint! One of the things I would like to get done is to get a washer and dryer, but to do that we need to change some pipes and get a washer and dryer hookup inside the house. Instead of on the back porch like it is now….We also need to replace our windows and take off the aluminum siding and paint the house a pretty color. And also put a second coat on those walls 😉
I would like to start eating healthier. I don’t eat too bad right now, but I would like to eat more fresh vegetables (Yay veggie garden!!) and less junk food.
Steven and I got some bikes two summers ago and rode them like crazy! Last year for whatever reason we only rode them a few times so this year I definitely want to ride them a lot more. Its so much fun and we discovered so many cool little places in our town.
And lastly, I want to try not to get stressed out about school and work anymore. I tend to really let certain things get to me and dive me crazy. I try to make my motto “Go with the flow”. Things get crazy at work and I always handle it best when I just shrug and go along with it, knowing that I’ll be at home soon enough with my husband, my cats and my garden. 🙂
I am high hopes for this year and I am excited to get started and blog about my adventures!

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