I was surprised at the amount of cemeteries we saw in Pittsburgh, but the one that really caight my eye when I was looking at the city on goggle maps was this giant one that must have been a mile long! I knew we had to make a stop to check it out.

 It was full of these fancy old crypts.

The cemetery was so large that when you were in the middle you couldn’t see anything except headstones, as far as the eye could see. 

This was mildly unsettling. Was it too keep something out?  Or to keep something IN?

The little roads just kept going and going. While on this road, it kept getting narrower and narrower… But we were on a steep hill so there was no turning around.

Eventually the road turned into a grass path, which obviously hadn’t been driven on for quite some time.

 Annnd there was a really steep drop off the other side! It was pretty scary there for a few minutes because we didn’t know if the road would just stop and we would be forced to drive in reverse just to get out of there!  But luckily we got back to the paved road. Whew! I was afriad we were going to end up being part of that cemetery permanently.

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  1. Pittsburgh has a tonne of cemeteries doesn't it?! And they are all huge. I've visited the one where my husbands family is buried, although it's outside of Pittsburgh but its just enormous, I have no idea how they find their way around!

  2. Those covered graves are definitely a little eerie…
    I can't believe I lived in Pittsburgh for three years and never once checked out any of the cemeteries!

  3. When I was in Scotland I have visited a lot of graveyards –
    I think they are fascinating in a way.
    The one in your pictures looks so interesting, too.


  4. It's look crazy, it's breathtaking!
    Would you like to follow each other?Let me know!
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    Thank you <3


  5. dang, this is definitely kinda creepy but also a little beautiful. i always like exploring cemeteries too- in poland they all have little pictures on the headstones so you can see how the deceased once looked. it's REALLY cool when you find one from the 1800s. i cant even imagine what a day to day life would be like back then

    xo marlen
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  6. I had more encounters with cemeteries when I lived in Florida for a brief time than anywhere else. It was always a peaceful place to be, and pretty inviting with the sitting areas dispersed throughout. I can't imagine going to a cemetery that big! A mile long is huge!

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