Earlier this month I went on a ghost tour of a historic area of Winston-Salem. I never knew my city had a ghost tour, and I love learning about the city’s past, so I was bursting at the seams to go.

You are told to meet on the corner of two streets at dusk. My friend and I arrived, not sure what to expect, or who to look for. But soon enough, a man dressed in period clothing and carrying a lantern seemed to appear out of thin air as he began to wander in circles, around the small group that had formed. We knew this must be our ghost host!

After a quick introduction, he turned and hurried down the street without another word. We raced to keep up.

We paused in front of old Victorian homes in the West End and heard the spooky tales from long ago, that are hidden inside their walls.

We wandered up and down the winding hills, hearing eerie stories, and piecing together some of the city’s colorful history.

After hearing the grim tale accompanying this building, I turned back to snap a photo.

 What’s that in the far right window pane?  Is it a light reflection? Or is it the ghost of the boy who lost his life here, so many years ago….

Towards the end of the tour, a light rain began to fall. We dashed from tree to tree in hopes of staying dry. The rain only added to the spooky excitement.

Before we knew it, we were back where we started and it was time to part ways. Each walking off in separate directions, disappearing into the black night.

The Winston-Salem Ghost Tour was so much fun, and I can’t wait to make it a spooky yearly tradition.

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  1. Looks like fun! I did a ghost tour in Savannah, Georgia years ago… it was great! I love hearing stories like that, and it's even better when you're in the place where the story took place. I would definitely do another ghost tour!

  2. I did a ghost tour once, it was really fun and it's amazing how much history and tales there is around you, sometimes in places you pass everyday, that you have no idea about. Your tour guide looks fun!

  3. I didn't know ghost tours were a thing, aside from haunted houses – this looks like it was so much fun! October is such a fun month with Halloween at the end, I'm just a big kids at heart and I enjoy these kinds of things and trick or treating so much. Your host looked like he was having quite a bit of fun, he really got into character! I'm a little jealous, your town and the surrounding area seems to have so many cool/fun/interesting things going on.

  4. Oh holy mackerel this is like the coolest thing ever. I love it when history comes alive, especially in a place you're already familiar with. The tour guide seems so cool, I wonder how one gets a job like that…

  5. I had only heard of ghost tours in really big cities so I was certainly surprised to find out my own city had one! I think every town has plenty of interesting things going on, you just have to know where to look!

  6. How cool is this ghost tour! We don't have anything like that where I live. In Whittier, however, is the Buckner Building. It's been abandoned since 1960, and was home to over a thousand soldiers during World War 2. I never went in there, but several people I know have.

  7. You've really captured the spooky ambiance you must've experienced walking around the West End that night. I like the last picture a lot. It looks like it could be a promo in a magazine. Glad to hear the guide was fun & theatrical ~Spooky Fun!

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