The weather has been unusually warm this year, so the flowers have come out earlier than usual! I was annoyed at the lack of winter this year, but once I saw the flowers popping up everywhere, it was hard to stay mad.


Hyacinths are one of my favorites. I planted many more last fall and was excited to see all the new colors come up this spring.


Another one of my favorites are these white and orange daffodils. I was happy to see so many of them in my yard this year, especially since I don’t really remember planting them. What a surprise!


Every day more and more plants seem to begin to poke up through the ground.

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  1. Outstanding photos! Spring is such a gorgeous time when pops of vivid colors open & scent the air.

  2. Such lovely photos! It makes me so happy to see the flowers popping up everywhere, spring flowers seem to come in such extra bright colours. I get really blue in winter so I love knowing spring is near.

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