These photos are from back when we went to the fair in October and I never got around to posting them.

After hanging out at the fair all day, eating all kinds of crazy foods, riding a couple rides, and looking at the animals, we like to come back and watch the fireworks at the end of the night.

We usually grab a bag of kettle corn and then pick our seats in the grandstand to wait for the fireworks to start. In this case we also stocked up on some low price doughnuts they were trying to give away before the night was over. A carb coma soon followed!

The finale is my favorite!

Watching the fireworks is an exciting end to a fun day spent at the fair.

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  1. This looks like a quite amazing firework. I love to look at fireworks but somehow I am also afraid of them. In Germany we have loads of fire works on New Years Eve and I never dare to leave the house because I am afraid of them 😉
    I am wishing you a most wonderful weekend : )

  2. Thanks! I live close enough to the fairgrounds that I can hear them every night when the fair is in town, and it always manages to scare me before I realize what it is I am hearing!

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