February was a pretty good month, much more exciting than January anyway! Here are some highlights from the past month.

 It was my birthday month!  We had a little party in our newly Ikea furnished dining room.

We had our most successful Ikea trip yet. We didn’t get overwhelmed and they had everything we wanted in stock!  I love Ikea food so much. I could eat it every day..

I found a polaroid land camera on my birthday adventure!  I actually managed to snag some film for it on ebay. I haven’t tried it out yet because I still have to decide what to take my first picture of. The film is way expired though so I have no idea if it will even work. Stay tuned!

It snowed almost a foot!
We decided to make a delicious bean chili/dip on the snow day. I’ll be blogging about that soon!
I spent most of the snow day unpacking some boxes that have sat in the corner of our spare bedroom since we moved in a year and a half ago. And yes, you are seeing correctly. The walls, door and ceiling are all painted the same exact shade of blue… That will not be staying.

 I added some more resin necklaces to my Etsy shop!
But most of all… I finally started my vegetable garden!!!!

February was fun, but I am really looking forward to March. It should bring plenty of gardening, some outdoor adventures and an exciting trip to Pittsburgh!   

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  1. Hooray for upcoming outdoor adventures! I'm looking forward to those, too.
    I just HAVE to mention that i'm in love with your new dining room and camera- both are so wonderful 🙂

  2. You have such a beautiful home! I've never owned Ikea furniture, nor been to the store. There isn't one here! I really like their look, though.
    I've totally had boxes full of stuff sitting around from my last move, too. It feels good to finally get it unpacked right? There is a reason why I don't post many pictures of my home on my blog, lol.
    Oh and I also answered the Liebster blog award questions that you asked! 😀

  3. Thank you! That's too bad you don't an an Ikea near you. Or maybe that's a good thing.. Haha. I don't even want to know how much I've spent at that place over the last few years!

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