For the past year our favorite trail has been closed due to construction of a huge bridge. We have been visiting it regularly to see how it is coming along. See Parts onetwo and three here.

The bridge is nearly complete! Maybe the trail will be open soon! This time there were no cool machines to look at, and the microwave was gone.

It hadn’t rained in about a month, so all the dirt had dried up and cracked like a giant desert.

Even though the greenway is technically closed, it doesn’t stop some people from going though!

There was a tiny trail though the grass, just big enough to fit a bike through.

Since the trail doesn’t see much traffic these day, the animals have moved in!

I can’t wait for the trail to be open again.

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  1. I love that you can just pick up chunks of that dried… mud… gunk stuff. That dried mud gunk stuff that reminds me of the one scene in Lion King where Mufasa dies. Wow, I totally brought sad vibes to this post. I suck. Anyway, these pictures are really neat. 🙂 Hope you're having a great start to your week!

  2. this is so fascinating and beautiful in a simple way, the late evening colors. and especially the cracked earth shots. they look like you're in another world!

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