A river runs along our favorite trail.

 One evening after a heavy rain we decided to take a walk and see how much the water had risen after the storm.

We were mildly surprised to see the water was a bright red orange! 

Instead of regular dirt, North Carolina is covered in red clay, and when it rained, all the clay washed into the river and turned it this strange color.

The clay made quite a contrast against the bright green leaves.

It rained so much that the path had gotten flooded.

Even though the water was only a few inches deep over the path, the clay was so thick that I couldn’t see the bottom and I was afraid to walk all the way across.

It was definitely an interesting sight! 

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  1. It really is! There's almost something otherworldly about it – in a beautiful and mysterious sort of way, that is. What a cool thing to experience firsthand in your own town.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

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