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Christmas Parade

This year my mom and I decided we wanted to see the Christmas parade downtown. I used to be in Christmas parades every year when I was in dance class, but never actually watched one.  I loved being in parades so much, I never wanted them to end!
We saw cute dogs

We saw some monster guys

And then we saw this…..
And as weird as it was, I instantly recognized it as the little used appliance shop right down the stret from my house. We went there once years ago and it was super creepy, but in a cool way.  Just like this float.

 There was also a guy in a tiny car zooming around. And some cray techno music was playing. It was the best thing I’ve seen!
Fun fact: Krispy Kreme was founded in Winston-Salem! There’s an old Krispy Kreme college around here somewhere that I’ve been wanting to find again and take pictures of..

 Surprisingly some of the most creative floats were for car dealerships!  Some of these people went all out. The wizard of oz one was really neat, complete with a spinning tornado that I didn’t get  good picture of. 


The parade was pretty neat and we had a lot of fun hanging out downtown, I can’t wait to go again next year!  Are there any holiday parades in your town?