I meant to post this when it was still December, before everyone got burnt out on seeing Christmas posts, but life doesn’t always work out like you plan it!  Anyway, bear with me through one last Christmasy post about the big day!

Christmas morning at my mom’s house!

Steven and I are into drawing pictures on gifts, it gets more and more out of hand every year. Some of them ended up not even having names on them. Just pictures.

On Christmas Eve we drove around and looked at Christmas lights. I took pictures but I am going to save them for next year!

Zoe was in love with my gift.

(It was a birdfeeder! Thanks mom!)

A gift that Steven got me. Our nickname for Jeeves is corndog because he stretches out really long and for some reason we think he looks like a corndog.

Inside were some GIANT MICROBES. I’ve been wanting some of these guys for a while so I was pretty excited to get them!

I got hay fever! 

Here’s my mom hiding behind her present. Or if you read the drawings, from my cats to her cats.  It was a vegetable spiralizer!

My sister got an cool sewing basket full of old books!

The cats had a good Christmas too!

Some other presents I got included miniature erasers in the shape of food, a book about my favorite fish, the coelacanth and some film!  What did you guys get? 

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  1. Don't worry I'm also late with most of my holiday posts so haha
    Anyway looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas, look at
    the tree, decor and the presents! I also love the drawings on
    each one of them ^_^ Xx

  2. OH MY GOSH YOU AND STEPHEN ARE SO CUTE LIKE I CANNOT EVEN HANDLE IT. ok but seriously. i just adore your photography. and late christmas posts kind of make the season last longer (which by the way i very sad is over)

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