Chinatown, Washington DC

Chinatown in Washington DC

After visiting the Zoo, and the Bonsai Gallery, our first full day in Washington DC ended with a walk around Chinatown. 

According to the step counter on my phone, we took about 25,000 steps that day, which is around 12 miles. We had worked up an insane hunger and liked the looks of this place because because eating first was all we could think about.

As soon as we sat down they served us complementary tea, which I loved.

I had worked up such an appetite that I somehow managed to eat this absurdly large plate of veggie noodles in its entirety. 

After stuffing ourselves, we walked around and enjoyed the busy sights of Chinatown.

I loved everything in this adorable gift shop, but they had sings everywhere inside that said NO PICTURES. So I had to settle for just one picture of the outside.

Wok and Roll. I love it.

I love the bustling, busy atmosphere of Chinatown, and all the ornate decoration. It’s definitely one of my favorite places in DC.