Two years ago we got Chester and Jeeves!

As I mentioned in my last two cat posts, we decided to get a cat in October, but we were way too excited so towards the end of September we decided to start looking. The first place we went was Petsmart, and we met a lady there who was selling kittens she had rescued and she convinced us it was better to get two cats instead of one. (We really didn’t need much convincing!) She had quite a few kittens and even more at her house so she invited us to come over and pick some out, although we had already pretty much decided which ones we wanted.  Chester and Jeeves were already almost all grown up when we got them, but the lady sent us some baby pictures of them and they are too cute!

Jeeves with his best friend (Look at those ears!). I kinda wished we could have gotten his friend too.. 🙁 Their faces look similar, I wonder if they were actually related!

Ever since I was little I knew one day I wanted an orange cat named Chester. When I saw this guy I knew he was the one!

The last two pictures are from Chester and Jeeves’ first night here. Jeeves was on a very weird schedule where he would get hungry at about 4 am and decide to meow at the top of his lungs until I couldn’t take it anymore and got up to feed him. It was exhausting, but then I figured out if I gave them a snack before bed  he would be quiet all night. Whew! 

These two boys are the most energetic cats I’ve ever met! It was overwhelming at first, but they’re very entertaining and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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  1. Awww such cuties – I love the last photograph, that's just perfect. I always find ginger kitties have so much personality – I do long for another ginger kitty (my first ever cat was a ginger called Bertie).

  2. Aaaww their baby pictures are too sweet. It's so funny to see them so tiny, when they haven't even grown into their ears! At first I thought that was Jeeves with Zoe! Then I read it was his first buddy, I wonder if Jeevesy ever thinks about him?
    I'm in Love with that baby Chester pic!!!
    xo ♥ mum

  3. Your childhood wish came true! An orange cat named Chester! I think it's great how cats are big on cuddling, even males. I would always catch my two male cats cuddling (when they weren't chasing each other all over the house).

  4. They are too cute!!!!! I have two cats as well (Zuritxu and Goldi), the first one was from a litter of the cat of a friend and she gave it to me, she is three years old and she is all white like snow. The second one is only two months old and, I rescued him from a garden. He had fleas and intestine parasitic, but I didn´t care because I fell in love in the moment I saw that little orange kitty (yes he´s orange as well :-). With patiente and love I removed the fleas and veterinary help us with the parasitic and diarrhea. They have very diferent personalities, the big one is shy and easily frightened while the small one is sociable and playful. They fight a lot now because the kitty just wants to play with the big one, and she doesn´t want to. I think it is the normal phase after the hiss phase, hahah. I couldn´t live without cats!! Beautiful pictures, beautiful little friends!

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