Many Streets downtown are lined with cheery trees and for a few weeks each spring, there is a glorious display of light pink cherry blossoms.


These particular trees are right outside my office window at work. I’ve never had a desk near a window before so I was quite overjoyed to be looking at these trees every day. One day they were looking so pretty I had to race right back there after going home to get my camera so I could take some pictures. .



I love walking along the city sidewalks, underneath all the blossoms. I just wish the trees stayed in bloom longer. A few days after I took these photos, some huge storms came through and all the flowers were washed away. I wish flowering trees kept their blooms all summer.

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  1. Gorgeous! We have some places like that here, usually I’m too late to get the photos and I kick myself every year. Luckily we haven’t had too much wind at the moment, so maybe I can get some photos on the weekend.

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