On our trip to Pittsburgh last spring, we discovered this really neat cemetery on top of a hill overlooking the city in the distance. 

On this particular evening we were driving around trying to find someplace to eat and we soon realized there was a St. Patricks’s day celebration going on…. Hundreds of people with green shirts on filled the streets as they migrated in a drunken, zombie-like stupor to some large gathering. We only saw a few at first, but as we drove on, the numbers increased to overwhelming proportions and we were stuck in traffic as people tried to navigate the crowd and find a free space to park. I felt like I was in some sort of zombie apocalypse movie. Eventually we made our escape by turning down a side road and that’s where we ended up finding this cemetery so it was all worth it!  

Later that night I dreamed about the terrible “green shirts” and how me and everyone I knew were hiding from them in some sort of underground bunker located in a cemetery.. 

We also found a cemetery just for broken old headstones. How sad!!

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  1. Back where I grew up there's an old graveyard that was a TB graveyard (I think, or at least something as deadly) or at least that was the rumour about it, who actually knows. Rural kids we like to make up scary stories like that so it could have just been a normal graveyard. All the same, it was all overgrown and wild, it was so creepy.

  2. Sounds kinda awful, unsettling but makes for a good story to tell! Nice mysterious graveyard shots. I really like the 3rd & 4th photos with the crooked marker, city skyline and the horizon. I was watching a show on tv recently and recognized the yellow bridge and knew it was Pittsburgh from your trip!

  3. oh the cemetery on the hill with the open sky in the evening light is so romantic. I've always found cemeteries so interesting. beautiful pictures, and the last one makes me kind of sad, too.

  4. Pittsburg seems like one of those really interesting cities, it has so much history. These pictures are really quite beautiful, I love how you showed so much respect for the resting place of some many people. (I guess I'm odd about cemeteries, I've seem way too many people posing for pictures next to headstones just to get a nice shot and it seems very rude. You really showed off the beauty of the area though, that first shot is both beautiful and sad with the sunset over the crosses like that.)

  5. This cemetery looks amazing and it must have been great exploring it, let alone surprisingly stumbling across it! You are lucky that your husband likes to explore them with you. My boyfriend is way too superstitious about them so he'll never even step foot into one to explore with me.
    I really love the lighting and the shadows you've captured in these pictures, very artistic and great composition! And I love the view in the background too. These pictures do give me the feel of an apocalyptic waste land, I love it!

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