The End Of Winter

This was a day at the very end of winter a couple of years ago. These pictures have been sitting in my drafts for a while now, and it seemed time to post them.  This is from another time.  A bit of a sadder time, but that’s ok. The day was warm, after many months […]

An Ice Day

Ice fell from the sky, and covered the gardens in a thin frozen blanket. I wandered around, thinking about when it was warm and all the flowers were in bloom. It won’t be much longer now.                        

Cemetery Snowfall

My favorite cemetery looked magical during a snowfall last winter. The orange leaves that still clung to some trees made an interesting autumn contrast against the white snow. It was a rare early December snow. Usually it never snows here until sometime mid January, when all the leaves are long gone. Wandering around, a cubed […]

Cherry Snow

It was late March, and it snowed again. For the fourth time. It rarely snows even once in March. I was ready for warm weather, but I can never help being excited when I see the fluffy white snow cover all the flowers. When snow was predicted in the forecast, my camera came to work […]

A Frozen Canyon

It seems like the majority of our trips happen in the cold. We froze when we went to Pittsburgh, froze on both trips to Washington DC, froze in NYC at Christmas time. And as we stood, freezing in Detroit this past November, we decided that our next trip would be someplace hot.   The Desert. I […]

A March Winter

It was a winter that was much colder than recent yeas had been.  The flowers that begun to spring up in January of last year were nowhere in sight until March. The cold continued, and it snowed more times in March than it had for the entire winter. On the second day of spring, as […]

I Didn’t Feel the Cold at First

The snow that started the day before, was still falling.  There was a Christmas party later that evening.   It was the perfect December Saturday. I was so excited. I barely noticed how cold it was without a coat. But after a while the cold did get to me!

Snow Garden

The snow that fell in December, quickly covered the ground and all the plants with a fluffy white coating.  Even the dead remains of flower stalks that I never got around to ripping out of the ground.  They’ve sat there for months, taunting me with their ugly selves, a reminder of yet another thing I […]

A Snow in December

A snow in December is rare around here. Especially in early December, before Christmas.  When I looked at the weather forecast, and saw it was supposed to snow a week later, I certainly didn’t believe it. But then, on that late Friday morning, as I stared out the window at work, towards the dark grey […]