I Didn’t Feel the Cold at First

The snow that started the day before, was still falling.  There was a Christmas party later that evening.   It was the perfect December Saturday. I was so excited. I barely noticed how cold it was without a coat. But after a while the cold did get to me!

What I Wore at the Harbor

As the summer evening crept closer, and the blazing sun began to set, I wandered along the harbor, waiting for the boat that would take me out past the islands, and onto the sea. I could explore the little islands all day! I miss the ocean.


I had been thinking about adding a fun color to my hair for a while now, and when I saw some lavender hair dye at the store one day, I just couldn’t pass it up. I love it. and find myself wanting to add even more color to my hair now. Have you ever dyed […]

What I Wore in the Snow

This was from a few weeks ago when we had our first snow of the year. It only snowed for a few hours and then disappeared completely before midday, which was disappointing. It wasn’t very cold out so I thought it would be a good time to wear this new dress I found at the thrift […]

What I Wore

This is one of two nice winter skirts I found at the thrift store the other day, which I was quite excited about. I always seem to fall into a fashion rut in the winter consisting of a sweater, jeans and boots combo, because I’m cold and too lazy to think about layering things. It’s […]

What I Wore- Layering Skills

If I look thicker than normal, it’s because I was wearing a lot of clothes. On this day we were going to a bonfire and it was supposed to get very cold that night. I wanted to be warm, but I didn’t want to wear the usual jeans and a sweater I always end up […]

What I Wore on a Rainy Autumn Day

I finally found the kind of skirt I have been looking for. Something with a high waist, but not so short I am afraid to bend over.  I found it at a thrift store along with everything else in this outfit, which I wore to go to even more thrift stores. I’m losing my desire to ever […]

What I Wore

I love our elephant ear plant. It’s getting so big!  The wind was blowing in the perfect direction to fluff out my hair this day.. I am really liking this hair cut. I am so glad the orange is finally gone and it’s blonde again, although I am getting the urge to add some fun […]

What I Wore at the Beach

Most days we were at the beach, I lived in my bathing suit. But the times I wore actual clothes, I chose pastels and white because they seemed like the perfect beach colors.   The only time I really wear contacts is at the beach, and that means I can wear my beloved sunglasses! I […]

What I Wore- High Waist!

Outfit DetailsShirt: H&MShorts: H&MShoes: TargetBelt: ThriftedLast summer I was on a search for some high waisted shorts, preferably in navy. But I never found any! (Most likely because my hours at work had been cut so I tried to avoid places where spending money was possible) But not long ago I stumbled upon these at H&M and knew they […]