The Weird Day My Inspiration Returned

I was headed to my first therapy appointment. Nervous and anxious, but also a little excited. Maybe soon I’ll figure myself out. I wandered through this strange building, unchanged since the 1980s, with a weird silence that filled the walls and narrow hallways, which were dimly lit by fluorescent light. I didn’t dare take the […]

Weekly Journal- Goodbye Bathroom

Chester says goodbye to one of his favorite places to hang out, as this sink, and the rest of the bathroom, are about to be demolished completely. The process is supposed to take two weeks to complete.  And hopefully Chester likes the new sink just fine. I moved to a new, and slightly larger desk […]

Weekly Journal- Flowers and Stroganoff

The aquarium still isn’t ready for fish yet, but it should be any day now. I added a few new plants, as well as an airstone that produces very tiny bubbles.  This is now one of my favorite corners of the tank. Some flowers have begun to appear this week. A reassurance that spring is […]

Weekly Journal- Fruit, Ice and Fish Tank

 Everyone was thoroughly entertained by the wild array of fruit I brought for some birthdays at work, instead of the usual cake or dessert since many are avoiding junk food right now.

Weekly Journal: Halloween Crazies

My medicine seems to be helping a lot, although there are still some sad days and some stressed days.  Taking walks is always a great way to feel better though. Especially during this time of year! I continued to work on my costume all week and ended up having to finish it a day earlier […]

Weekly Journal: A Better Week

This week didn’t start off any better than the painfully tedious week before. By Tuesday morning I was feeling pretty over everything. However, things took a nice turn mid week when I got the news that I was promoted to the senior position at work I have been hoping to get for a while!  Things […]

Weekly Journal- The week that lasted forever.

I’ve been seeing a lot of butterflies lately. This meme really spoke to me this week. It accurately sums up how I felt all week at work. This week was so long in fact, that on Thursday I was thinking back to what I thought was a meeting on Tuesday the week before, but it […]

Weekly Journal: Beach, Mountains and the Hospital

We spent a week at my favorite beach.  It was a lot of fun, but for some reason not quite as fun as past trips have been.  Nothing was particularly wrong, but I guess every trip can’t be the best ever. Right after our return, we had to go spend a weekend in Asheville to […]

Weekly Journal: Ouch

My Venus Fly Trap, hanging out in the window at work, watching the rain that’s been here for so many days. It was a strange work week, with lots of unnecessary drama that I have been trying to avoid, and other strange news which had me feeling irate. Some difficult study at work caused me […]

Weekly Journal: Desk Jungle

My Spider Plant at work has been making babies like crazy, and now it’s babies are making babies. My desk is on it’s way to becoming a jungle.  Pictured to the left is a coworker threatening to cut them all off, to avoid said jungle from forming. Usually my work lunches consist of whatever food […]