To the Mountains!

It was time again, to go explore and get lost in the mountains. We left work early on a Friday afternoon and the weekend was packed with adventures.  Barely an hour down the interstate and the Blue Ridge mountains suddenly appear straight ahead. I had picked out a new trail to hike this time, one […]

Cherry Blossoms

Many Streets downtown are lined with cheery trees and for a few weeks each spring, there is a glorious display of light pink cherry blossoms. These particular trees are right outside my office window at work. I’ve never had a desk near a window before so I was quite overjoyed to be looking at these […]

Crape Myrtles

In the late summer, when most of the flowers have finished blooming, and the gardens begin to turn brown from the summer heat, the Crape Myrtle trees bloom. Many different shades of pink and purple line the streets. It almost feels like spring again.  I never realized how many of these trees were in my […]

Quiet Winter Woods

I love the quiet stillness of the woods during winter. The way the sun sets early, and casts its orange glow against the bare branches. It gives the illusion of warmth, but the air is bitter cold. The quiet winter trees make me more thoughtful, more inspired. Winter can seem like it takes forever to […]

Current Inspirations- Bonsai!

Bonsai!! I’ve been obsessed with Bonsais ever since I came across a bonsai book at the library almost five years ago.  I was so excited that as soon as I got home I went and dug up a little shrub in my moms yard and trimmed it into a bonsai.  Sadly I have had terrible […]