What We Saw From a Detroit Train Car

Venturing to downtown Detroit for the first time. None of us were sure what to expect, or what exactly we were going to do. Around and around we drove, everywhere was full, rush hour was just starting. Finally, a parking space appeared, on some side street many blocks from the center of downtown.  Surrounded by […]

Train Bridge

I have always loved trains; I find them mysterious, and intriguing. I like to dream of where they’re going, and where they came from. I wonder about what they’re carrying, and who’s riding them. I live close to the train tracks, and most nights I can hear the lonely whistle of the train, and I […]

Train Watch

One windy autumn Saturday, my husband, sister and I went for a walk downtown. A few minutes into the walk, a train could be heard in the distance, so we raced over to the tracks in front of a local coffee shop to watch it go by. (Krankies Coffee) We waited and waited, but the train didn’t seem […]

Views from the Train Window

Riding the train home from Washington DC, we passed through many small towns. Many of the buildings seemed forgotten, abandoned. But some showed signs of life. There were quiet little houses, each holding its own little story that I will never know. And they will never know mine. It is interesting to pass through towns […]

The DC Metro

Riding the metro is a big part of visiting Washington DC.  I love the metro; the stations are such a busy, energizing place, and riding the trains is always an adventure.  The adventures start with a long decent by escalator deep underground.  In DC there were some of the longest escalators I have ever seen. […]

Photo an Hour- Train Ride to Washington DC

I really like doing a photo an hour on travel days. I suppose it helps to pass the time and it ends up being a good way to start blogging about trips. This was April 10th. The day we traveled to Washington DC. Saturday night was the polar vortex’s last hurrah. I had to dig […]

An Autumn Day Spent Exploring

These pictures of from a fun Autumn Saturday, two years ago, spent exploring. They were taken on the same day as these photos that I used in an outfit post the other week. Me, Steven and his brother met up for some Chinese takeout and then went on an adventure to find a way to walk […]