I’ve been away from here. It’s always been in the back of my mind. To start making blog posts again. Have a reason to take pictures with my camera again. But the writing to go along with the pictures is difficult to extract from my brain. It’s so easy to come up with generic things […]


2020 Leave the past decade behind.   Leave all the bad things; the job that barely paid you, where your boss was a psycho, the job that caused constant body pain, that stayed with you for years afterward that coworker that tried to ruin your life that project that did ruin your life, and drove […]

The Weird Day My Inspiration Returned

I was headed to my first therapy appointment. Nervous and anxious, but also a little excited. Maybe soon I’ll figure myself out. I wandered through this strange building, unchanged since the 1980s, with a weird silence that filled the walls and narrow hallways, which were dimly lit by fluorescent light. I didn’t dare take the […]

The Dark Days Are Over

The dark clouds that seemed to swallow me up last fall have finally disappeared. I quit the job that was making me unhappy and after a month of being jobless, I am finally back at my old job. Things have turned around here and have gotten a lot better than it was when I left. […]

No Words Just Photos

Sometimes I get a feeling, like I want to write about something, but the words are just beyond my reach. I have something that I want to say, a feeling that I want to express, a moment that I want to capture. But the words won’t come out. Maybe that’s why I take pictures. As […]

Self Journal- Sour

I’ve been rather absent on blogger lately.  I document my outfit every now and then, and of course I never miss a cat post, but I have been feeling uninspired to do much else. My new job has been bringing me down, plus the long dark winter days did nothing to help my attitude. I have […]

Self Journal: Optimism

(I had a sudden burst of creativity yesterday. I had words in my head that I had to write down that second. I used my phone notepad. Then I decided to post it here… Not sure of this will become a theme or not, but I always liked the idea of a blog being more […]