This November

November feels like a bit of a blur. At the beginning of the month my aunt came to town and we had a fun few days before she and my mom took off on an adventure in Europe. I was in a funk for a few weeks after the horrendous election results. I still can’t […]

This September

September flew by so quickly I barely had time to realize that it even was September. Part of that was the hot weather that stuck around for way longer than usual; it felt like it was still August all month! Maybe it was the prolonged heat that had me feeling lazy. Most days after work […]

This August

I used to count down the days until summer was over, but the last few years I have been sad to say goodbye to warm weather, long days and late evening adventures.  The last month of summer was a good one. After four years of throwing all our extra money at the house, we were […]

This July

July didn’t seem to fly by quite as fast as the two months before, but I still find it hard to believe that it is already August, and summer will be over before I know it.  July was a good month filled with many new things. At the very beginning of the month we got […]

This June

It’s hard to believe, but June seems to have gone by even faster than May June was a month of late evenings walks.. Making resin jewelry again after too long of a break… Trying out new recipes; like eggrolls! Going roller skating, and actually having fun. And watching all the flowers  continue to bloom in […]

This May

Just the other day I was trying to recall the date, and I was trying to remember if it was May yet. I was in for a rude awakening when I realized that, not only was it in fact, already May, but that it was almost June. What happened?  May flew by with incredible speed.  […]

This April

The first half of April was bitter cold, which is usual for this time of year. But then suddenly it got unusually hot and has felt like summer ever since.  My garden has exploded with flowers and we have been busy adding even more plants to our collection.  This year we have been working on […]

This March

The gardens began to come back to life as pretty flowers started to poke up through the ground. We continued to eat healthy veggie meals. It won’t be long before we are eating veggies from our own garden and I can’t wait. Aldi randomly stocked some sewing machines on the same day I got the […]

This February

February is my birthday month and I turned 25. Halfway to 50! We have still been obsessed with making these tiny home made pizzas, they’re so yummy, and it’s fun to come up with new recipes. It snowed a couple times which I was so excited about. But not my mind is on spring and […]

This January

It snowed a few times! I was glad I had been too lazy to take down the Christmas lights because they look so cute in the snow. A view of the snow from where I work. I love watching everything slowly get covered in white. This gal finally got a home, at my Mom’s house! Which […]