Favorite Photos of 2016

I took over ten thousand photos this year. Here are a few of my top favorites. A Day at the Fair This may be one of my favorite photos ever, I just love the colors and the retro feel of it. A view of Manhattan from the top of 30Rock. It was amazing to view […]

Land Camera Model 95 Tutorial

One of the highlights of my birthday adventure back in February, was finding this antique land camera. I’ve had a fascination with polaroid cameras ever since I saw my uncle using one on a beach trip when I was eight years old. I just knew I had to have my own. For my birthday the following year I got an izone […]

My 100th Blog Post!

It’s my 100th blog post!  I kind of started blogging on a whim and I am really excited that I have been able to keep up with it and have continued to have plenty ideas for posts. For my one hundredth post I decided to share some of my favorite photos that I’ve taken over […]

50 mm Lens Review

To celebrate my camera being fixed, I decided to buy a new lens! I had been wanting to try out a different lens for a while now. I had never bought a lens before and have just been using the one that came with my camera, which I soon came to learn is often called a […]

Cat Photos Friday #4- Cat Grass!

Last spring I bought some fancy variegated cat grass for my cats. Thinking it would either distract them from my houseplants, or backfire and give them a taste for greens!  I should have known a certain orange cat would rather dig the dirt than eat the grass!  Jeeves got bored after a while and decided […]

Cat Photos Friday #2 – Ikea greenhouse

It’s time for another edition of Cat Photos Friday! You can find my first one here. This was when my cats decided to “help” put together my mini greenhouse from Ikea. Disclaimer: (Please ignore the monstrosity that is my kitchen floor. I am not a fan of that pattern!) They totally gave up!  Can you find […]

Cat Photos Friday #1

I decided to start a weekly theme called Cat Photos Friday! I have 100s of random cat photos on my computer and I thought I might as well share them with the world. (Plus it gives me an excuse to keep taking more 😉 Hehe)  I have three cats, and they are completely nuts. They […]