Favorite Photos of 2016

I took over ten thousand photos this year. Here are a few of my top favorites. A Day at the Fair This may be one of my favorite photos ever, I just love the colors and the retro feel of it. A view of Manhattan from the top of 30Rock. It was amazing to view […]

Early Spring Feeling

Early spring is a funny time of year. You can feel the days trying to get warmer, but winter just doesn’t want to let go, and returns as soon as the sun begins to fade away each evening. The sky says it is still day, but the long dark shadows cast upon the houses say […]

The Fair Came to Town

It’s that magical time of year again, when the fair comes to town.. I love everything about it. The bright colors, the wild food, the crazy atmosphere.  I just like to wander around, and try to capture the the fun and excitement in my photos. I could spend an entire day and night here, just taking photos!  My […]

On the Beach at Night

We usually sit under the stars on the beach once or twice during our trip. But we had so much fun doing it the first night, we went out just about every single night we were there! The best part was seeing SO many shooting starts, which we found out later was due to the […]

Land Camera Photo Shoot

 I have been working on fixing up my polaroid land cameras. Getting them all cleaned, restoring their batteries and writing a little user guide. Then I got inspired to do a photo shoot with my first and favorite one, and before I knew what was happening, I had a whole 1960s thing going on. And […]

A Year in Land Camera Photos

About a year ago I found this vintage polaroid land camera on a thrifting trip. I had been wanting one for a while, but wasn’t ready to spend a couple hundred bucks on a restored one.  I luckily found this baby in great condition for 20 dollars! All I had to do was replace the battery […]

No Words Just Photos

Sometimes I get a feeling, like I want to write about something, but the words are just beyond my reach. I have something that I want to say, a feeling that I want to express, a moment that I want to capture. But the words won’t come out. Maybe that’s why I take pictures. As […]

Happy Easter!

I found this adorable box of  little chicks at the store and just couldn’t pass them up! I was inspired by the cat’s Easter photo shoot to do a little photo shoot with the chicks afterward. Happy Easter everybody!! 

Cemetery On A Hill

On our trip to Pittsburgh last spring, we discovered this really neat cemetery on top of a hill overlooking the city in the distance.  On this particular evening we were driving around trying to find someplace to eat and we soon realized there was a St. Patricks’s day celebration going on…. Hundreds of people with green shirts […]

The Fair

My absolute favorite thing to photograph, and what got me interested in photography in the first place is.. The fair!! All the bright colors, lights and atmosphere are a feast to my eyes and I just want to capture every bit of it with my camera.  I remember being dazzled by carnival ride photos I […]