Every year I like spring more and more. It’s hard to stay sad when pretty little flowers are poking up through the ground, and the world explodes with color.

An Ice Day

Ice fell from the sky, and covered the gardens in a thin frozen blanket. I wandered around, thinking about when it was warm and all the flowers were in bloom. It won’t be much longer now.                        

I made a mini bog garden, and you can too!

I really like plants, and really don’t like bugs, so I’ve always been interested in plants that eat bugs! One day I decided to make a little mini bog garden and I recorded what I did in case anyone else is also interested in making a little garden that eats bugs. Supplies Carnivorous plants such […]

Back in the Vegetable Garden

Last year my vegetables grew great. Until my garden was suddenly overcome by weeds and then the vegetable plants got so overgrown and mixed with the weeds which turned into a giant green jungle and I got so overwhelmed I couldn’t look at it. This year I really wanted to avoid that. So I make […]

A Garden Theme

A bit of a theme has appeared in the garden this year.. My wildflower garden was suddenly a sea of yellow and purple.  A bit of an unusual color combination, but I didn’t mind it! The Allium bulbs that were planted last fall had sprouted up as fluffy purple spheres.  And the lone foxglove from […]

A March Winter

It was a winter that was much colder than recent yeas had been.  The flowers that begun to spring up in January of last year were nowhere in sight until March. The cold continued, and it snowed more times in March than it had for the entire winter. On the second day of spring, as […]

Despite the Cold

Despite the cold that just wont seem to leave, flowers have begun to appear from the ground, and fill the yard with color. Spring is one of the most exciting seasons, every day a little more green, and a little more color appears, after a long dark winter.

Green is on the Way

Through the drab brown leaves and dirt, green is beginning to appear. The sun is shining for a little bit longer each day, and the air is feeling warmer and warmer. Green is on the way!

Snow Garden

The snow that fell in December, quickly covered the ground and all the plants with a fluffy white coating.  Even the dead remains of flower stalks that I never got around to ripping out of the ground.  They’ve sat there for months, taunting me with their ugly selves, a reminder of yet another thing I […]

Secret Garden

One summer evening, I wanted to explore Reynolda Gardens. The sky was dark with rain clouds, but it looked like they were passing by, quickly so we decided to head out anyway. Halfway there we caught up to the rain. It was pouring on and off but we kept going. We got to the gardens […]