Flowers in Stock

My Etsy shop is open again, and this time with lots of new things. The shop first began when I started putting interesting postage stamps and tiny pictures into resin, and then turning them into magnets and necklaces.  Recently, after a bit of a long break, I started putting colorful little flowers along with moss […]

New in The Shop

I am pretty excited about these cute little sea shell necklaces I have made! They’re the perfect accessory to a summer time outfit. All of them are made with mini shells I collected from the beach last year. Whenever we go to the beach, there is always what I call the “crunchy layer”, which are […]

New in the Shop

I just added a bunch of these cute bonsai magnets to my Etsy Shop! I did a variety of ones with a black background and some with a mint background. I can’t decide which ones I like best! I really love these bonsai stamps, they’re definitely one of my favorites to make. Maybe it’s because it […]

New in The Shop

Tiny shells! I got a little obsessed with tiny seashells on my last trip to the beach, and just like everything else I like, my first thought was to put them in resin. So I ventured out into the ocean where there were a bunch of these tiny shells and I scooped them up and […]