Abandoned Interstate

Not often do you get a chance to walk on an abandoned interstate. The highway that runs through downtown, that has tiny lanes and even tinier on and off ramps, that is always backed up with traffic, is being completely rebuilt with hopes of being greatly improved. And once it got demolished, I couldn’t help […]

They Tore Down a School to Build an Interstate

A giant pile of rubble was a surprising sight to see one day while driving downtown. A little school was in the process of being torn down, for what I later read, was to make room for the rebuilding of an interstate and the roads surrounding it. Business 40 interstate which runs through downtown has […]

Construction Zone- Part Seven

It’s been almost three years since I started this Construction Zone series, and by the looks of it, it is finally nearing the end! The city is building a Diverging Diamond interchange as a part of a brand new major road that is being built. In order for the road to be completed, a bridge for the already existing railroad […]

Bailey Power Plant

The power plant that once supplied energy to  the tobacco factories in Winston-Salem has been sitting vacant for many years. It sits closed off from the world, by a towering chain link fence. (A fence I would love to sneak through, but am too scared!) Many companies had been contacted to restore the old building, […]

Forgotten Corners

The city I live in is changing all the time. Construction is happening around every corner. And I want to remember what it once was.  At one time this area was a busy industrial part of town, with a train passing through and many busy factories.  Over time it began to crumble, until all the […]

Construction Zone- Part Six

We returned to the construction zone, to see how everything was coming along. Our latest suspicions were confirmed; they are building a whole new railroad bridge! It will be exciting to see how everything ends up looking with this swanky new bridge in place. I started documenting this construction site when the city temporarily closed off […]

Construction Zone: Part 5

It has been a while since we visited the construction zone, and a lot has changed! Quick recap: Our favorite biking trail has been closed for nearly two years because they are building a giant bridge above it that will eventually connect with a highway.  It is still possible to bike along the trail, if you’re […]

Construction Zone- Part Four

For the past year our favorite trail has been closed due to construction of a huge bridge. We have been visiting it regularly to see how it is coming along. See Parts one, two and three here. The bridge is nearly complete! Maybe the trail will be open soon! This time there were no cool machines to look at, and […]

Construction Zone- Part Three

We went back in December to see how the construction zone was going, and the bridge had been put up!  Maybe our biking trail will reopen soon, we’re anxious to have it back! Also, the microwave was still there!! This is the view from above. I was shocked when I realized how many trees had been cut down and […]

Construction Zone- Part Two

About a month ago we went back to the construction zone, to see how far it had come along. It was as far along as I expected, but it’s still neat to see the progress. It’s gonna be weird to drive over that new road and remember what it used to look like. We saw a […]