Parking Lot Carnival

One late spring afternoon, a carnival came to town and began to set up in the parking lot of a mildly run down shopping center down the road. We waited until evening, and then ventured down to see what awaited us. A few rides, and some food stalls stood clustered together in what was usually […]

A Drive Through a Cloud

These are some more photos from a day on the Blue Ridge Parkway last year when when we drove through a storm cloud. The Blue Ridge mountains are tall enough that when the storm clouds descend, the mountain tops become engulfed in the cloud. As we drove along, a storm rolled in and began to settle […]

Night Rainbow

One evening, after some heavy thunderstorms, a night rainbow appeared. The sun was almost completely set, and the sky was lit up a bold shade of red.  I’d never seen a rainbow in such a dark sky before. Lightning was flashing all around.. I managed to hit my camera shutter at just the right time […]

Craggy Gardens

The main reason for our blue ridge parkway trip, was to visit Craggy Gardens!  It’s not your typical garden, it consists of miles of rhododendron bushes, many of which were planted 70 years ago when the parkway was first built. The oldest ones have become craggy over many years of living in the harsh mountain climate. […]