A Flower Cloud

Cloud sat posed next to the bouquet of flowers, with a look on her face like she demanded her photo be taken. It’s good to stop and admire the flowers sometimes!

Cloud Day

October first is Cloud Day!  Six years ago she ran in our house and refused to leave. She decided it was her house! She was just a sad starving little cat when she came here, but now she’s a happy, fluffy, very well fed cat who was happy to have an ice cream birthday toy! She […]

Cat Photos Friday #79- Cloud Day!

Three years ago, a white cat showed up on our back porch one evening… She was very friendly. So friendly in fact, that she raced inside the house and jumped on our bed and made herself at home! We had just moved into our house, and decided that in the month of October, we would […]

Cloud Day!

Two years ago today, we came home from a grocery shopping trip and a white cat was waiting on our back porch to greet us.   As soon as we opened the door, she raced inside our house, ran into the bedroom, jumped on the bed and made herself at home!   She was so […]

Cat Photos Friday #29- Sad in a Shoe Box

One day Cloud climbed inside a shoe box and looked really sad. I’ve never seen a cat capable of making such sad expressions before. Hope your weekend is happier than Cloud in these pictures!