Christmas Ornaments

My Mom’s Christmas tree has always been my favorite.   Filled with vintage ornaments she has collected over the years, it’s a magical sparkling sight.  Almost every ornament is different, and I love admiring them all.

Merry Catmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season this year!!

Christmas Scenes

The few days leading up to Christmas Corners of the home are filled with cozy Christmas sights Pierogi softly cooking on the stove Mugs ready to be filled with warm drinks Cats dressed in holiday attire These few days fly by, but I try to take in all the small moments before they disapear

A Snow in December

A snow in December is rare around here. Especially in early December, before Christmas.  When I looked at the weather forecast, and saw it was supposed to snow a week later, I certainly didn’t believe it. But then, on that late Friday morning, as I stared out the window at work, towards the dark grey […]

Dark Shadows in the Christmas Tree Patch

Every year, on a cold winter’s evening, we all pile in the car to go to our favorite Christmas Tree patch and help my Mom pick out her tree. The tree patch pops up in late November and surrounds the Krankies coffee air stream trailer with fresh evergreen trees, patiently waiting for a home. I love […]

Lost in Brooklyn, Searching for Christmas Lights

Exploring New York City last Christmas.  We took an above ground subway train across the bridge into Brooklyn for a view of the city skyline. We rode the subway deep into Brooklyn. I got carried away taking pictures.  We got off the train, way farther than we had planned on going, and had to decide […]

Cat Photos Friday #126

The cats really liked their Christmas presents. A lot. They unwrapped their little gifts in no time and got straight to work, chewing and chasing them all around the house. They’re still going crazy over these things!

Cat Photos Friday #125 Christmas Tree Cats

The cats love spending time beneath the Christmas Tree. And destroying the presents! Cloud was not interested in posing in front of the tree, but can’t resist something to sit on, so I tricked her into posing by placing a book in front of the tree. Jeeves’ special talent is ripping off his sweater with […]

Merry Christmas from the Cats!

The cats love Christmas time!  So much wrapping paper, ribbons and decorations to play with. Jeeves got a bit lost in it all! And Cloud decided she liked Candy Canes. She bit the thing into pieces!! I hope everyone has a great holiday season!

New York City Christmas Sights

For the past few years it has been a dream of mine to visit New York City during Christmas time, and a few weeks ago, I was finally able to! It was our first day there and we just wandered through the city, taking in all the sights, with no particular goal in mind. It was […]