He flew out of a city truck going down the road. At first glance, it looked like a trash bag. But it was a tiny kitten that tumbled down the road through the early morning traffic. He had climbed into the engine of the truck to keep warm. His name was Tumbleweed. Tumbleweed needed to […]

A Flower Cloud

Cloud sat posed next to the bouquet of flowers, with a look on her face like she demanded her photo be taken. It’s good to stop and admire the flowers sometimes!

Chester Jeeves Day

It’s been six years since we brought these cool boys home! Cloud had showed up just a few days before, so we went from zero to three cats all of a sudden.  At first it was overwhelming, but now it’s cat party every day! Chester and Jeeves were rescued along with a bunch of other […]

Cloud Day

October first is Cloud Day!  Six years ago she ran in our house and refused to leave. She decided it was her house! She was just a sad starving little cat when she came here, but now she’s a happy, fluffy, very well fed cat who was happy to have an ice cream birthday toy! She […]

Cat Photos Friday: Ghoul Kittens

My sister adopted two kittens that look like little skeleton ghouls!  This guy above is Kevin with the pants, and his sister pictured below is Maisie the party goblin. They’re so cute and playful and friendly. It’s so much fun to go and visit them!  They are living at my Mom’s house with her three […]

Cat Photos Friday: Cheese Pizza

Since many of Chester’s nicknames are cheese related, he thought it only made sense that he should be a cheese pizza.  Even if he was a bit too wide for the small size pizza box. Cloud tried a taste of the cheese pizza.  Not what she expected. Then she decided to try out being a […]

Cat Photos Friday: Boxing

The cats are always happy when a new box appears in the house.  Jeeves thought this one was a pretty good size to hang out in, and work on cleaning his foot. But then Chester decided he wanted to also hang out in the box. Jeeves didn’t think there was enough room to share. Jeeves […]

Merry Catmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season this year!!

Chester and the Falling Leavs

Fall is Chester’s Favorite time of year. He sits in the windows all day, watching the leaves fall. Batting at the ones that fly close. He runs through the house, to different windows, getting the best view of the falling leaves.