A Drive Through a Cloud

These are some more photos from a day on the Blue Ridge Parkway last year when when we drove through a storm cloud. The Blue Ridge mountains are tall enough that when the storm clouds descend, the mountain tops become engulfed in the cloud. As we drove along, a storm rolled in and began to settle […]

Clouds Above Craggy Gardens

Last October we took a trip to the Blue Ridge mountains and I never posted the last of the photos. Way way up, along the Blue Ridge Parkway‘s winding roads, tucked away between the tall mountain peaks, is a place called Craggy Gardens. On the crest that connects the craggy domes, Clouds fly swiftly across, often obscuring […]

Little Switzerland Book Store

  Last fall on our trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains in search of a waterfall, we first stopped and checked out the town of Little Switzerland, named because the huge sweeping mountains reminded the first settlers of the Swiss Alps. We stopped here once a few years ago to get lunch and just loved what a […]

The Forgotten Clearing

During our trip to the mountains last fall, after we checked out the waterfall, we kept walking down the trail to see where it led. Eventually we came across this intriguing path and couldn’t resist checking it out! The path led to this picturesque clearing, nestled in the valley of the enormous blue ridge mountains.  Far […]

To The Falls!

When planning our little day trip up to the the Blue Ridge Parkway, I wanted to make sure  we went on a good hike; one we hadn’t been on before and preferably involving a waterfall. A quick google search told me there was a nice little walk to some falls right in the town of Little […]

Adventures in the Clouds

A few weeks ago we took a trip up the to blue ridge parkway as the trees were just beginning to change colors. We took a nice long hike and then started to head over to craggy gardens, our favorite spot on the blue ridge. But as we drove along, a storm began to roll […]

Craggy Gardens in The Fall

We took a trip to our favorite place in the blue ridge, Craggy Gardens, to see the changing colors. At Craggy Gardens there is a little pinnacle you can climb up for a 360 degree view of the mountains range.  It’s amazing and we never get tired of seeing it. This lake looks like such a […]

Waterfall Walk

Look a waterfall! The motel we stayed at on the blue ridge was in walking distance to this little waterfall.  After that miserably long winter we had, it was so nice to be surrounded by so many green plants. We saw a lady’s slipper orchid in the wild!!

Wiseman’s View and Brown Mountain Lights

While we were driving up to the mountains for our blue ridge parkway trip, I saw a billboard for something called the brown mountain lights. It sounded familiar so I googled it and found out that there are these unexplained lights that occasionally appear in the woods and float up above brown mountain. I got […]

Craggy Gardens

The main reason for our blue ridge parkway trip, was to visit Craggy Gardens!  It’s not your typical garden, it consists of miles of rhododendron bushes, many of which were planted 70 years ago when the parkway was first built. The oldest ones have become craggy over many years of living in the harsh mountain climate. […]