Cape Lookout

One of my favorite places to be is on Cape Lookout island. It is part of the barrier islands that line the coast of North Carolina called the Outer Banks. Cape Lookout can only be accessed by ferry and no one has lived here since the early 1900s when the island was taken by the government […]

The Lost Beach

Cape Lookout Island.  Only accessible by Ferry, and with no paved roads.  It was once a home to a small fishing community but is now owned by the National Park system. A short walk away from the tourist area, down the lonely shoreline, and remnants of the island’s past begin to appear. Barnacle laden debris […]

The Castle Beneath the Dunes

Somewhere, hidden under the vast sand dunes at the Outer Banks, lies a giant sand castle. How much of the castle is visible depends on the ever changing dunes. Sometimes just the tips of the turrets are visible, sometimes the castle stands ten feet tall over the sandy hills, sometimes the castle disappears without a […]

High Above the Beach

Now that I have successfully gone on three plane trips this past year, it was finally time, to ride in a tiny airplane, as my husband has been trying to talk me into doing for the past seven years. That time came during our trip to the Outer Banks over the summer. We spent the […]

Eclipse on Sand Dollar Island

Years and years ago, I decided I wanted to see a solar eclipse so I looked it up and saw one would be coming my way in just a few years. Luckily the path of totality was just a few hours away from where I live. Exciting!!! Well. I forgot all about until about a […]

Beach Houses of the Past

As older houses along the Outer Banks grow old and fall apart, they tend to get replaced with enormous and over exaggerated mansions. But there exists a small strip of road that is like stepping back into the past, where the houses reflect a simpler time. A time where there were less tourists, and the […]

Beach Adventures

One final walk along the shore on the last day at the beach a year ago. We drove up to the end of the island to reach a less traveled beach where we raced across the long stretch of blistering hot sand to get to the water. This part of the beach faces the shipping […]

Beach Birds

  On our last excursion to Cape Lookout Island, as we were riding along in the back of a truck to the sandy point, we came upon an enormous flock of seagulls. It was the biggest gathering of birds I had ever seen. We first spotted them from far away and got closer and closer until the […]

What I Wore at the Harbor

As the summer evening crept closer, and the blazing sun began to set, I wandered along the harbor, waiting for the boat that would take me out past the islands, and onto the sea. I could explore the little islands all day! I miss the ocean.

Beaufort Harbor

The Crystal Coast is bountiful with islands to visit and explore.  The harbor is always filled with boats of every kind; ferries, yachts, fishing boats, house boats, and even the occasional pirate ship. (Pictured to the left!) We traveled one evening, to the picturesque town of Beaufort, to wander along the boardwalk and watch the […]