Driving on Mars

During the dive away from the Grand Canyon, towards northern Arizona, the landscape grew more and more like nothing I had ever seen. Around every curve was an entire new world. It was a valley, with sharp red cliffs rising up to the sky.  Then around just another curve, the road was on the top […]

The Desert Watch Tower

Along the edge of the Grand Canyon, the Desert Watch Tower stands out. A rocky beacon rising tall above the trees.  Designed to look like the remnants of a tower built by an ancient civilization, the structure was completed in the 1930s and contains a gift shop and many observations points overlooking the Grand Canyon.  […]

Monument Valley

When planning a trip to the desert, Monument Valley almost didn’t make the list. It was a bit out of the way from other sights and didn’t seem possible to fit into the tight itinerary. But we ended up extending our trip one extra day, which meant an evening could be spent at Monument Valley.   […]

A Frozen Canyon

It seems like the majority of our trips happen in the cold. We froze when we went to Pittsburgh, froze on both trips to Washington DC, froze in NYC at Christmas time. And as we stood, freezing in Detroit this past November, we decided that our next trip would be someplace hot.   The Desert. I […]

Seven Days in the Desert

An entire week, wandering the desert. A different hotel every night. Crazy new landscapes nether of us have ever seen before.  I want to spend more weeks in the desert. I stumbled upon a cheap flight to Las Vegas, on a budget airline and couldn’t pass it up. The first evening in the desert was […]